Thank you

As most of you are aware, I lost my race for State Representative. The race is over, but I cannot close this campaign until I thank all of you. I knew from the start this was going to be a difficult race for a Democrat, but we ran a good campaign. I was hoping for the best, which included me winning the race, but first and foremost, this race was about shared beliefs and values, getting involved and the willingness to take a risk for those goals. I sincerely appreciate the help I received from my family, campaign staff, volunteers and contributors. Thank you to all of you.

I learned a lot running this race and met a lot of great people. Of course I am disappointed. I made mistakes, but I made more friends. I lost the race, but the party won and I think this campaign contributed to that effort. We changed direction by passing good amendments to increase school funding, improve drug policy and encourage campaign finance reform. It was busy year and I got to know the city much better. Arvada is a great city and great place to live.

Interesting statistics and information about the race keep coming in. None of it will change the outcome, but it will help me glance back and move forward. My campaign website is still up and running. I will convert that site in the weeks ahead to a personal page, maybe a blog or another media format. I am guessing I will talk about politics and other issues, so please stay in touch. I will be redirecting my time to focus on my family and career options for a while, but I will not be going far. Again, thank you all very much!